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Y & J is a recruitment agency based in Malawi with headquarters in Blantyre Malawi we are a global recruitment team from Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda & United Kingdom.

Y & J recruitment agency is proud to be the first of its kind to expand a truck driver recruitment team to Middle East and Europe. As a result, we are now the number one choice for companies looking to find the best truck drivers, and we have made it our business to make sure that trucking companies have access to the top truck drivers.

Y & J has fulfilled the needs of various business clients with its unique and effective recruitment services. Y & J specializes in recruiting truck drivers for clients across Qatar and Europe.
We provides them with their ideal truck driver candidates for their company. As a result, we have successfully placed thousands of truck drivers at various small, mid, and mega trucking companies.

We are experienced helping trucking companies get the best truck drivers. We understand how important it is for a driver to be able to find a good company and vice versa. We are aware that many drivers are looking for jobs, but not all are qualified or have enough experience. Also, we know that many companies need drivers, and not all of them have enough time to source the best talent on their own. Therefore, we decided to create a truck driver recruitment agency where trucking companies can meet qualified drivers.

Y & J International is responding to this growing demand and has a staff consisting of highly qualified foreign lorry drivers and is therefore able to keep you in possession of sufficiently qualified employees.

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